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Patient Testimonials

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Some of the recent comments about Dr. Murshed and his staff from his patients.

  • "Very pleasant experience. I was very impressed that the doctor would call every weekend to see how I was doing."- by  Lisa C.  
  • "The staff, nurses and Dr. Murshed made my many short stays very pleasant. The nurses took time to erase any fears that I had. Hats off to a professional team! Radiology gals were super."
  • "I would like to thank you very much for your care and kindness. Because of your positive attitude you made my daily visit a pleasure. Your kindness and professionalism was greatly appreciated. Again, thanks very, very much for taking such good care of me. It was a pleasure to have meet you...even when you had reinforcements." - by Brain L.
  • "Just a note to thank you and your staff for the most professional treatment I have ever received. The smiles and attitudes they exhibited every day make them an asset to your organization and it is an excellent credit to its leadership. Your weekend calls were well above and beyond and shows the concern for your patients. I thank you all!"- by Robert L.
  • 'I just want to thank you for the support I received when I was under your care for lung cancer. I feel you and your treatment team have to be one of the best in the field. When starting my treatment I had a very bad back, the radiation technicians had to help me on and off the x-ray bed. I felt they were really concerned, and cared about my wellbeing. The nurses were always upbeat and went the extra mile for me. All of your support staff were just great. And now I am happy to report after 35 radiation treatments and follow-up chemo treatments I’m now cancer free!' - by Jim Z.
  • I couldn’t have asked for a more concerned, caring oncologist and staff-all of you. The calls from Dr. Murshed were unexpected and VERY appreciated. You were all wonderful and could not have been better. Thank God I found YOU!' - by Joann F. 
  • 'I was very pleased with the care and attention of all concerned.' - by Hubert S. 
  • 'First: Dr. Murshed was very concerned that side effects not cause discomfort, even to the extent of him calling on the weekends to check. Second: every person on the staff was personable, professional and caring.' - by Randolph P.
  • "I have been very pleased with my association and care at Panama City Oncology."- by Eliza M.
  • 'Everyone at the center was very kind and informative; the front office was very nice. The radiation area from scheduling to taking care of patients all was very nice and helpful. Dr. Murshed was very informative and most helpful when I was in pain or had questions. I appreciate everything he has done.' - by Michael M. 
  • 'I want to point out that I was treated with the utmost courtesy and professionalism throughout my treatments. Dr. Murshed, his nursing staff and front desk personnel, along with his nurses for vital sings, were sweet, caring and very pleasant at all times. Thank you all for treating me and I wish all of you the best.' - by Mike W.
  • 'Everyone was just like family; loved all. Dr. Murshed was great. He called on weekends to check. Thanks.' - by Lucian G.
  • 'I was very impressed with the whole procedure. When I found out I had cancer it was a very down feeling; but I felt security as I followed through with my treatment. The staff in the treatment room was fantastic!' - by Gerard M.
  • 'My husband could not have asked for any more cooperative, caring nurses. He is very thankful. Our daughter was very assuring that he could not find any better knowledgeable facility then right here. He felt secure here.' - by Mrs. James
  • 'Very professional. Dr. Murshed is a very caring and concerned man. He has my utmost respect.' - by William B.
  • 'In my opinion, Dr. Murshed and the entire staff gave the utmost in their services. They gave me excellent care throughout the entire treatment. My blessings go to all staff members.' - by William J.
  • 'I can't remember when I was treated with more respect, concern or care than during my treatment at the Cancer Center. I fell in love with all the staff and wish the best for everyone.' - by Walter R.
  • 'I have to say I am so impressed with every aspect of my treatment. The staff could not be better/nicer. I will miss all involved in my treatments because, with being sick, all staff members are very concerned and helpful. They all deserve halos in my book! Thank you so much! I love you all!' - by April M.
  • 'I am 79 scaring the heck out of 80. Through these many years I have been to many doctors for one reason or another.   

    In the past few years, I have finally found some really caring doctors. Doctors, Mullis ( eye ) doctor. He treats his patients just as he is seen many times on TV.    Doctor, Dr. Nguyen ( Internal ). He is a soft speaking doctor, and makes his patients feel relieved when they go to him. He takes away their worry about having to see a doctor. If he recommends another doctor for a certain problem, he does this for the best for his patient and he recommends doctors like Doctor Dunn ( Urological ). This doctor also takes time to talk with his patients and makes them feel at ease. Doctor Dunn also works with other doctors of course, but one he sent me to that he works with also has to be one of the greatest ever.     

    I am writing about, Doctor H. Murshed ( Cancer Treatment ). I had never heard of Dr. Dunn or Dr. Murshed before, reason being I did not hear of anyone using their service until I openly let some friends know I was seeing them.    

    I am now hearing from some friends that had them for doctors a while back, but a couple are using them now. For what ever reason they did not let me know? I guess they just did not want to talk about it.    One thing is for sure, I not only talk open about the cancer treatments, I brag about my doctors. I also brag, yes brag about their nurses.    

    Like I said, in all my years, so far I have had a few doctors and have been for one reason or another, put in a hospital. But, never have I been treated like a human. It seemed like a number.    During my cancer treatments, Dr. Murshed called me every weekend and asked how I was doing. If he even saw me in a hall some place he asked how I was doing? I told him today, "Thanks for saving my life."  

    Again it is the team work of Dr. Nguyen, Dr. Dunn and Dr. Murshed. I praise these doctors for getting great nurses and technicians staff to work for them. It takes a lot of skill as to do what they do. I have never written about a doctor, but I am now, and I feel it is worth good reason. There are times I liked to be thanked for what I do.    I do not think the doctors are thanked enough. Seriously. - by Frank - Panama City Beach, FL
  • The purpose of this email is to commend Bay Medical and your staff at the Bay Regional Cancer Center. Yesterday I had my last appointment for radiation treatment for prostate cancer. Your team headed by Dr Hasan Murshed is in a word SUPERB! Their professionalism, courtesy and efficiency are remarkable. Specifically I would like to acknowledge: Katrina, Sheila, Michelle, Nancy, Kelly, Tiffiny and not to be omitted are the clerical staff Lisa and Connie. I am sure there are others I have missed and should be included but suffice to say I was very impressed with the entire staff and total operation of the center. Please pass on my gratitude and appreciation for a performance VERY WELL DONE! Sincerely,' - by James - Panama City Beach, FL 
  • 'Subject: Commendation to Dr Reiss, Dr Murshed and staff at Bay Regional Cancer Center and Bay Medical Hospital
  • In early December 2008, a small tumor was discovered in my wife’s breast. It was determined the tumor was cancerous and she was advised to have it surgically removed before it could spread. Dr Reiss successfully performed the surgery and referred her to the Bay Regional Cancer Center for radiation treatments. The purpose of this letter is to inform, thank and commend the doctors and their staffs who administered to my wife. From Dr Reiss and his staff to Dr Murshed and his staff the handling of my wife’s problem was absolutely outstanding. The ladies at the cancer center, Dr Reiss’s nurse and the Doctors themselves were the most caring, considerate, thoughtful, kind and professional medical persons I have ever encountered. As frightful as cancer is to someone diagnosed with it, the tender compassionate care by staff members; Anna, Tiffiny, Katrina, Dana and Michelle certainly contributed greatly to ease her fears of the cancer and treatment. In closing sir, words alone cannot express enough our appreciation to Bay Medical Center, its Cancer Center and surgeon for their handling of my wife’s battle with cancer. I would think it appropriate and proper that a copy of this letter be placed in ther personnel file of each staff member mentioned and Dr Reiss and Dr Murshed be commended by the hospital for their professionalism. With appreciation and thanks,' - by Charles – Panama City, FL
  •  Re: Cancer Center Survey, 'Yesterday “we” completed the 44 day radiation treatment at Bay Med. With grammar school, high school and three college degrees, none felt better than the certificate of completion that I received.Instead of the survey, let us share our experience at the center. We do not have a single complaint. The valet service was great – those young men do a super job – dealing with people who are deeply stressed. The facility is nice, the people performing the medical services were so good and understanding – the appointments were in time – the housekeepers did their job well. Dr Murshed, he is special. To take his time to phone and check on the weekend is something no doctor has ever before done for us. With all of this wonderful service, let us add we hope we will not again be in need of it.The only downside of the treatment was the emotional attachment to the other patients and their families – when you suddenly realize you aren’t seeing them there anymore. Of course, the center has no control over that and we can only hope they “graduated” like we did yesterday. Sincerely,' - by George – Panama City, FL
  • 'The best doctor in the world!!! All of the great staff for the care and kindness we have received from all of you!!! We are very grateful for this. We love you Dr Murshed. Your bedside manner others could learn from. Again thank you so much for caring. Forever in our hearts,' - by Lisa - Panama City, FL 
  • 'A couple of things I would like to relate to your office. 1)Your billing is excellent. I’ve never been able to figure out most billings from doctors or hospitals. Yours is very clear. 2) Again the care my husband received from Dr Beiswanger and Dr Murshed was excellent. I wish we were still there as my husband’s cancer has really gotten bad and we spend a lot of time between tests and doctors visits and treatment. Best to you all,' - by Sandra – Ontario, Canada
  • 'I can’t thank you enough for all the healthcare and compassion you have given me over my ordeal. It has been a very tough road to follow. I honestly think that without the staff it would have become a near impossibility. I actually look forward to seeing you every day for my encouragement and attention to my needs. Through prayers and hopeful faces this has become possible. The phone calls on the weekends, checking on me has surpassed anything that I could have hoped for. I can honestly say without you, I would not be here much longer. Thank you for everything. Love you all.' Lisa – Panama City, FL
  •  'Your radiation treatments which were intense and monitored by you undoubtedly were a deciding factor in my healing from breast cancer. All your efforts were greatly appreciated and I thank you for giving me some more years to enjoy. Thanks to the staff at the center also who made everything go smoothly and professionally. Sincere Thanks,' - by Mavis – Panama City, FL
  • 'My husband was receiving radiation for cancer at your center. His treatments have now ended, and he is home recovering. We both want you to know how wonderful the workers in this area are. They are clean, kind, smiling and patient. We have seen them “go the extra mile” to make sure everyone is comfortable. The women at the sign in desk are also “first class”.Now, about Dr Murshed – He is tops. What a fine professional man he is. No matter how busy he is, he always makes your time with him feel like you are the only one he doctors. We know first hand Bay Medical has lots of good doctors on staff. This doctor is G-R-E-A-T! What an asset he is, not only to Bay Medical, but to our community as well. Thanks to this “cancer team” my husband’s dreaded ordeal went very smooth. Keep up the good work! Rest assured, anyone we tell about Bay will get a glowing report. Sincerely' - by Robert – Panama City, FL
  • 'Dr Murshed is a caring and professional doctor. Going through radiation is never easy, however, he and his staff made it as comfortable as possible. I deeply appreciate the help, the words of encouragement and concern from Dr Murshed. Bay County is lucky and very fortunate to have such a caring and talented doctor. Thank you, Dr Murshed and staff.' - by Richard – Panama City, FL 
  • 'I think the entire staff has the patience of Job, the strength of superman and the heart of Mother Theresa. Thank you for transforming a bad situation into an enjoyable experience.' - by Glenn – Wewahitchka, FL
  • 'Having hearing a diagnosis of cancer, when that is the last thing you expect to hear, is devastating. I was fortunate to have been referred by my urologist to Dr. Murshed for treatment consultation. After discussing all options, I decided that radiation was the best treatment for my situation. Dr. Murshed's experience, knowledge and obvious concern for my welfare was a large part of the deciding factor in my decision. I have never been treated by a physician who shows such genuine concern, not only for my physical condition, but for my emotional condition as well. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Murshed unconditionally to anyone who needs his services.' - by Lee, Panama City, FL
  • 'I have found Dr. Murshed to be an exrtremely competent Board Certified Radiation Oncoloist. He has been consistently pleasent, and are a dedicated physician with an outstanding bedside manner. Besides being a joy to have (you) as my personal physician throughout such a life altering ordeal, you've communicated clearly all benefits and drawbacks (to me). You are highly recommended as a superior health care provider for cancer treatment patients. Thank you for all you've done for (me).' - by Katy, Panama City, FL
  • 'I thank you (Dr. Murshed) very much for my treatments. (All the) employee's were very nice and understandable. My doctor (Dr. Murshed) explained everything to me and to my wife. During my treatments I met Dr. Murshed every Monday, and I had no problems. He is a wonderful doctor to have (and) I would recommend other patients to Dr. Murshed (for their treatments). Thank you and God bless you.' - by George, Panama City, FL  
  •  'We were very fortunate to have Dr. Murshed become Jim's cancer oncologist as he faced 42 radiation treatments for prostate cancer. Dr. Murshed was always there to answere our questions, lessen our anxiety and gave both of us encourgement. After the treatments were over, we returned to our Wisconsin home and Dr.Murshed even called us (1250 miles away) to check up on him. His compassion and concern were so special to us.' - by Margaret, Oshkosh, WI  
  • 'I am writing to let you (Dr. Murshed) how proud I am to have you as my doctor. You provided me with excellent care during my 39 radiation treatments. You have an excellent staff working with you at the Bay Medical Cancer Center. Individualized care really makes the treatments easier and not as scary.' - by Alvin, Panama City, FL.
  • 'I would like to complement the professionalism and caring of Dr. Hasan Murshed. He was the only doctor who called me at home to see how I am doing. I would also like to thank the staff at the cancer center for their caring and concern during my radiation treatments.' - by Raymond, Youngs Town, FL.   
  • 'When my urologist recomended you and the Bay Medical Cancer Center for my radiation treatments I wondered if it was the right thing for me to do. After meeting with you and discussing what would be involved I felt a lot better. I still had concerns about driving 100 miles every day and dealing with the possible side effects of the radiation treatmetns. ........I want to thank both you and your staff at the Bay Medical Cancer Center for all you have done for me. I would highly recommend you and the Cancer Center to anyone for cancer treatment.' - by David, Destin, FL. 
  • 'Thanksgiving, 2007, had a special meaning. Five months after completion of radiation therapy at Bay Medical Center, administered by Dr. Hasan Murshed, and his compassionate, knowledgible staff, my previously diagnosed prostate cancer ....was in remission..........The protocol consisted of implanting pure gold pellets, an in-office, painless procedure, within my prostate. The pellets primary function were to guide the radiation to the (prostate) tumor, limiting (the) radiation exposure to (the) surrounding areas. As a result, after my 44 visits over 9 weeks, adminitered by radiation therapists and Dr. Murshed, who himself demonstrated a sincere, compassionate supervision of the total treatment process. I submit this letter of appreciation to all and to other patients, keep a positive attitude............' - by Lawrence, Panama City Beach, FL.   
  • 'Let me say, with all sincerity, the (Bay Medical Cancer Center people) are absolutely awesome. I was very apprehensive when I started my treatment. In a very short time they had me looking forward to seeing them on a daily basis and very comfortable with the treatment.................They displayed the same degree of professionalism, courtesy, cheerful attitute, dignity and respect to each person I observed entering the clinic............... Knowing the Oncology Department requires special mental faculties to maintain day to day, (the) staff exceeds in every phase of treatment. They are very special'. - by Nathan, Panama City, FL.  
  • 'I would like to thank you and your team of experts for making the process of six weeks radiation treatment easy for me. After talking to you and getting an understanding of what I needed and what I could expect and then experiencing one or two days of treatments, my anxieties and fears were quieted. You and your staff treated me with the utmost respect and compassion. The staff kept appointments on schedule preventing long wait times, yet never made me feel hurried. Further, I sincerely appreciated you taking time over the weekends to call and check on your patients at home'. - by Kathylene, Panama City, FL.  
  •  'Thanks so much to Dr. Murshed and the entire staff of Panama City Oncology for the care given during my 44 days of treatment. What a wonderful group of people. Love you all. - by Robert, Panama City, FL. 
  •  'Showing compassion with warmth, seems to come naturally with the staff of Panama City Oncology. May God bless you and keep you now and always in His tender loving care. - by Jim, Panama City, FL.